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Theme: Graphic Health Warning

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The New Vois Association of the Philippines (NVAP) is inviting everyone to join in the Poster Making Contest on Graphic Health Warnings (GHWs) or Picture-based Warnings against cigarette smoking.

This activity aims to entice the general public, especially the youth, to be more health conscious and to heighten the impact of the dangerous effects of cigarette smoking. This activity seeks to encourage the active participation and support of everyone in the campaign for the adoption of Graphic Health Warnings in tobacco packaging. We believe that through pictures or graphics in cigarette packs, many smokers will be discouraged to continue this deadly habit and this will further deter non-smokers from trying this dangerous vice that has already claimed the lives of millions.

  • Well-designed health warnings and messages are part of a range of effective measures to communicate health risks and to reduce tobacco use.
  • Evidence demonstrates that the effectiveness of health warnings and messages increases with their prominence. In comparison with small, text only health warnings, larger warnings with pictures are more likely to be noticed, better communicate health risks, provoke a greater emotional response and increase the motivation of tobacco users to quit and to decrease their tobacco consumption.
  • Larger picture warnings are also more likely to retain their effectiveness over time and are particularly effective in communicating health effects to low-literacy populations, children and young people.
  • Other elements that enhance effectiveness include locating health warnings and messages on principal display areas, and at the top of these principal display areas; the use of colour rather than just black and white; requiring that multiple health warnings and messages appear concurrently; and periodic revision of health warnings and messages.



1. The contest is open to individuals or groups of individuals aged 13 to 29 years old.
2. Each participant or group should submit ONE entry only.
3. The theme is “Graphic Health Warning on Cigarette Packs”. The poster must contain a graphic health warning or picture based warning that may be used  on cigarette packs. You may create your own Graphic Health Warning.
4. Any material or medium can be used in the creation of the poster such as photos, own artwork or design, or the use of any coloring materials provided  that the poster should not be more than 18 x 24 inches and can be converted into a jpeg format with 300 resolution pixels per inch.
5. Each work will be judged based on the following criteria:
A. Effectiveness and Creativity – 40%
B. Slogan and Interpretation – 30%
C. Public Impact – 30%
6.  The artist should be liable for any issue that may arise from the originality and authenticity of the design.
7.  All entries must include the title of the poster, name, address, birthday, email and contact number.
8.  A 100-word description of the poster must also be submitted.
9.  All entries must be submitted digitally to An official email shall be sent once the entry has been received.
10. Deadline of entries is on December 15, 2013 at 12 midnight. Qualified entries will be posted on December 20, 2013 at and
11. Participants will have to agree that NVAP reserve the right to use any of the desired entry for its tobacco control advocacy.
12. All posters submitted by the artists shall be credited accordingly.
13. Winners will be notified by NVAP and will be given invitations to the awarding
ceremonies in time for the World Cancer Day scheduled on February 4, 2014.



1st: 10,000 php
2nd: 5,000 php
3rd: 2,000 php
and other consolation prizes!


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All entries must be submitted digitally to

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